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Our Company

Our company offers modern concepts, creative ideas and dynamic solutions for planning, organising and carrying out congresses, symposiums and educational courses and it’s certified with the ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

The elements that define us are the intimate knowledge of the complex field of congress activities and the organisational skills, for we provide flexible and effective mechanisms and high level services.

The employees of Congress World are always at the disposal of the participants, with excellent scientific and technical background, many years of experience, flexibility and responsibility towards the systematic outcome of every congress.

Our services extend throughout the congress, from the very beginning to post-congress support.

Our Services

  • Designing and determining the congress profile, planning strategies and targets, creating and organising data bases
  • Choosing and paying in advance for congress halls, amphitheatres, meeting rooms and auxiliary halls
  • Finalising and organising the programme and the congress dates
  • Undertaking organisational actions for the successful completion of the congress
  • Suggestions on organising parallel scientific, social, art or recreational events during the congress
  • Sending informational brochures and reading matters staring from pre-registrations up to the congress records
  • Correspondence with organisers, congress participants, sponsors and any other entity, company or person related to the congress
  • Sending programmes, membership cards, summary reports
  • Registration desk
  • Choosing convenient halls and units, booking rooms, down paying hotels and associates or suppliers
  • Booking air tickets or others and sending them to participants anywhere they are in the best possible prices
  • Designing and implementing strategies on promotion, communication and public relations
  • Organising a press office and promotion desk for the congress
  • Special promotion in periodicals relative to the congress theme through local or international publications
  • Organising press conferences and journalistic coverage in TV, radio and newspapers through experienced staff
  • Choosing and implementing security measures on a 24-hour basis during the congress
  • Organising functional and computerised secretariat offering any necessary equipment (computers, printers, Xerox and fax machines, telex, typewriters)
  • Installing and operating a wireless translation system, high quality computerised, for simultaneous translation from any language into Greek and vice versa
  • Backing financial organisation of the congress and covering the financial budget
  • Statistic coverage of the congress and informing the organisers about the results